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What's Leonard Homes' Process for Awarding a Home Building Franchise?
Wondering how you can join Leonard Homes as a home builder? There are 10 key steps to becoming a Leonard Homes builder. Here's our streamlined process:


Initial Enquiry

Reach out to Leonard Homes to express your interest in becoming a franchisee.


Franchise Enquiry Form

Complete our Franchise Inquiry Form, including an Information Statement and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


Return of Signed Franchise Enquiry Form & Assessment

Upon receiving your completed form, we'll assess your suitability as a prospective franchisee.


Letter of Offer

If deemed suitable, we'll discuss commercial aspects and send you a Letter of Offer detailing key terms.


Franchisee Questionnaire

Once you accept the Letter of Offer, we'll provide you with the necessary documentation via the Franchisee Questionnaire.


Legal Doc Preparation

Our solicitor will prepare all franchise documents within 10 business days of receiving your instructions


Disclosure Received

You'll have a 14-day disclosure period upon receiving the Disclosure Suite to review the documents.


Execution of Documents and Payment of Fees

Once everything is agreed upon, our solicitor will upload the documents to an online signing platform for execution, and you'll pay the relevant fees.


Cooling Off

After the 14-day cooling-off period, the contract becomes binding and you officially become a Leonard Homes franchisee



Welcome aboard! It's time to kick off your journey as an official member of the Leonard Homes family and start building your successful business.

Ready to Unlock Your Potential With Leonard Homes? Let's Get Started.

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