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Franchisee Essentials

If you're thinking about venturing into franchise ownership, Leonard Homes is here to guide you through every step. We want to make sure our franchise opportunity is the perfect fit for your goals and passions.

Here's What We're Looking For:

  • Local Expertise

Got the right qualifications and licenses for building homes in your area? Great!

  • Passion for Craftsmanship

Do you take pride in creating homes that clients love? We're all about that!

  • Long-Term Vision

Building a successful business takes time and effort, especially in the beginning. Are you ready for the journey?

  • Drive and Enthusiasm

We're looking for go-getters who are hungry for success and eager to make their mark.

  • Open to New Ideas

Innovation is key. Are you willing to embrace new ways of doing things?

  • Commitment to Quality

Do you care about delivering top-notch work and making sure your clients are happy?

  • Share Our Values

We're all about quality, honesty, community, and simplicity. Sound like you?

  • Full Dedication

If you're ready to fully commit to owning a franchise and giving it your all, we want to hear from you!

Franchise Training

Enquire Today 

Join Leonard Homes, and let's build your dream together. Your journey to becoming the builder you've always wanted starts now.

Disclaimer: Although the majority of Leonard Homes' existing operations are successful, embarking on any new business venture carries inherent risks, and success is not assured. The prosperity of your Leonard Homes building franchise depends on various factors, with your commitment and proficiency in key areas playing a crucial role in its outcomes.


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